Definition of idiot-proof in US English:



  • Incapable of going wrong or being misused.

    ‘her easy, idiot-proof recipes have won her fans worldwide’
    • ‘Very pleased with my camera, which is so simple to use it's pretty much idiot-proof.’
    • ‘The Mountaineering Council of Scotland has published an explicit pamphlet guiding visitors on how to dispose of their own waste which Crocket described as idiot-proof.’
    • ‘He reminds me of the old aphorism that if you try to make a product idiot-proof, the world will make a better idiot.’
    • ‘From the pilot's point of view, it's the next thing to idiot-proof.’
    • ‘You don't really need any IT know-how to do it; the instructions from various websites are idiot-proof.’
    • ‘A hearty one-pot rice-based dish is irresistible for obvious reasons: it is nutritionally all-inclusive; diverse in taste and texture; easy to the point of being almost idiot-proof.’
    • ‘Getting quality, flexible people is important, but just as important is developing quality, idiot-proof systems for the important functions of the campaign.’
    • ‘If sharing were anything less than idiot-proof, it would be hard to imagine it becoming an essential part of people's workflows.’
    • ‘Although highlighting is often a safer and more idiot-proof form of hair colouring, it too involves many chemical processes.’
    • ‘Straightforward as they are to fly, PPCs are still aircraft, and not idiot-proof; learning aeronautical basics is essential.’