Definition of ideologist in US English:



  • See ideology

    • ‘As a composer, Mahler, undoubtedly one of the most original artists of his time, was an intellectual and a powerful ideologist.’
    • ‘As a politician, Allende always exhibited a Marxist orientation, but he excelled as a practitioner rather than an ideologist or intellectual.’
    • ‘The leaders, ideologists and mentors of those groups of immigrants later on became famous as ‘the’ leaders of the world-wide known Israeli Labour Movement and subsequently as ‘the’ founders and leaders of the State of Israel.’
    • ‘Their theoreticians and ideologists also reduce civilizations to culture, cultures to religion, and religions to inherently incompatible archetypal constants that vie, clash, and struggle with and against each other.’
    • ‘In 1989, the pro-capitalist partocracy, in alliance with liberal intelligentsia, fought bureaucratic absolutism under the same banner that was raised by the ideologists of the third estate against the old regime in 1789.’