Definition of ident in US English:



  • short for identification
    • ‘At 1918: 22 departure asked him to ‘squawk ident and say altitude.’’
    • ‘If any more calls come in without an ident, trace them and let local law enforcement know.’
    • ‘‘Positive ident on the shadowing corvettes,’ the OOD said.’
    • ‘Three minutes later, the controller advised the pilot of the other airplane that the Piper was at 8,200 feet and that there were no further idents.’
    • ‘‘Additional idents on the Red Dragon's escorts,’ Garcia said.’
    • ‘I flipped up the TACAN mixer switch, and we were getting a good, strong ident.’
    • ‘‘Did you get an ident on him, Captain?’ Alexandra asked.’
    • ‘It is one of ‘I see this as an ident [a match] because I have been doing this longer than you.’’
    • ‘He quickly rechecked the correct ILS frequency and verified the localizer's ident.’