Definition of idebenone in US English:



  • A benzoquinone compound with strong antioxidant properties. It has therapeutic uses in age-related cognitive dysfunction and skin rejuvenation, owing to its ability to stimulate nerve growth.

    • ‘Other antioxidant strategies have involved the use of idebenone, selenium and N acetyl cysteine but only the use of idebenone has involved structured trials with relatively large patient numbers.’
    • ‘The most-hyped new anti-wrinkle cream right now is Prevage, which contains the powerful antioxidant idebenone.’
    • ‘Idebenone also improved behavioral deficits in habituation, water maze, and passive avoidance tasks, which suggests idebenone might stimulate nerve growth factor synthesis in vivo.’
    • ‘Treatment with idebenone protected against bile acid-induced rat hepatocellular injury and lipid peroxidation, and prevented hydroperoxide production in hepatic mitochondria.’