Definition of Idahoan in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the US state of Idaho or its inhabitants.

    ‘the Idahoan woods’
    • ‘I've lived quite a few years through mountainous, rural Idahoan winters and survived them.’
    • ‘Idaho Taco: A jumbo Idahoan potato is baked, opened and then loaded to the brim with your favourite taco toppings.’
    • ‘it is still somewhat amazing, considering the conservative heritage of Idaho politics, to realize the influence that Kennedy had with Idahoan politicians.’
    • ‘Let us inspire you with our collection of real Idahoan recipes today!’


  • A native or inhabitant of the US state of Idaho.

    ‘a daunting task for the Idahoan’
    • ‘This decision reflects the fact that all Idahoans benefit when its energy consumers can invest in local, clean solar energy.’
    • ‘By 1980, only 17 percent of Idahoans were employed in agriculture or mining, and by 2009 that number had dropped even further, to 3.9 percent.’
    • ‘Every Idahoan deserves the peace of mind that police officers know the law.’
    • ‘The religiously minded, home-schooled Idahoan also spent time at a Buddhist monastery and tried to join the French foreign legion.’
    • ‘He had started to climb down the bluff to fish for sea perch from the rocks below, something the Idahoan has done for decades.’
    • ‘However, how the plan will impact Idahoans has drawn conflicting reports from various organizations.’