Definition of icosahedral in US English:



  • See icosahedron

    • ‘To detect the sequence determinants of the capacity to form icosahedral quaternary assemblies, we performed a comparative analysis of icosahedral and non-icosahedral lumazine synthases.’
    • ‘Until the recent advances in computational power, simulating the protein coat of an entire icosahedral virus would have been futile.’
    • ‘In order to simulate a calcium ion located on a symmetry axis under icosahedral boundary conditions, it was necessary to develop a single-atom model that conforms to the symmetry requirements.’
    • ‘You may note that the spheres sit more or less on the vertices of an icosahedron, which is why this configuration is called the icosahedral arrangement.’
    • ‘Thus, the combination of a spherical quadratic boundary potential and icosahedral rotational symmetry conditions maintained the initial distribution of solvation waters at the exterior boundary.’