Definition of iconology in US English:



  • 1The study of visual imagery and its symbolism and interpretation, especially in social or political terms.

    • ‘One aim of this essay is to address the issue of interpretations of nineteenth-century art by considering the limits of certain interpretative methods associated with iconography and iconology.’
    • ‘Bustling iconology notwithstanding, Ji's pictures are not exclusively literary or even representational.’
    • ‘In iconology, creating becomes a liturgical offering of works of art to God, but the artwork offered is not separate from its author.’
    • ‘Iconography as the study of representation, also called iconology, entered mainstream academia at the beginning of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘While iconography is a descriptive and classificatory discipline, iconology is an interpretative method, which aims to contextualize works of art culturally and explore their possible meanings.’
    1. 1.1 Symbolism.
      ‘the iconology of a work of art’
      • ‘The word means image, but also copy, and the iconology of 9/11, unlike the real thing which was utterly singular, drew on past images to guide instinctive response.’
      • ‘In other words, the window may have a localized iconology as well as a universalized iconography.’
      • ‘Besides the obvious stereotype of the ‘other,’ the representations fall largely within the realm of the iconology of the French Revolution of 1789.’
      • ‘This colonial propagandist iconology was equally exploited in media such as postcards, posters, paintings, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, cartoons, and film.’
      • ‘If they shared this iconology by more than pure chance, wouldn't the Native Americans have shown some other signs of Arabic influence when the Europeans got there?’