Definition of iconographic in US English:



  • See iconography

    • ‘He talks to us in his own iconographic language using hieroglyphs of expressionless cartoon figures, with male and female attributes, which he draws by hand before reproducing digitally.’
    • ‘Working in metals, resin, wood and paint, Bourgeois has developed a strict iconographic language in which for example sewing and its tools are specifically to do with repair and motherly love.’
    • ‘Attired in African garments and armed with carved walking sticks, LeRoy Clarke cuts an imposing figure; much like the price tag on one of his iconographic paintings.’
    • ‘With the exception of the pieces in the Kinshasa museum, the attribution of these masks to the Luntu is based on the combination of stylistic and iconographic traits.’
    • ‘Even when reality has changed completely, we sometimes choose to stick to these iconographic images that were created maybe more than 20 years ago.’