Definition of ichor in US English:



Greek Mythology
  • 1The fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods.

    • ‘They don't have blood in their veins, they have ichor which runs in their veins, which is obviously some kind of immortal fluid.’
    • ‘His eyes glazed over and he crumpled in the chair like a God robbed of ichor.’
    gore, lifeblood, vital fluid
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    1. 1.1literary Any bloodlike fluid.
      ‘tomatoes drooled ichor from their broken skins’
      • ‘A group of young maidens was chosen to pour the water from one lake into another, as a symbolic conjoining of their fish-scented ichor.’
      • ‘Just as pepper helped to mask the truth of bad meat in the Middle Ages, so does the ichor of pressed cranberries hide the raw throat-clawing quality of bad vodka.’
    2. 1.2archaic A watery, fetid discharge from a wound.
      • ‘Gun shots split ghouls' heads completely in half in a splatter of black gore and ichor.’
      • ‘Blood from the griffon spattered Jag's front, ichor from Ragarol dripped down his back.’
      • ‘Unable to even screech before the veil of death fell upon her, Solokar perished instantly, rivulets of green ichor spraying from her wounds.’
      • ‘Immediately, clear ichor began to pour from the wound.’
      • ‘Yellow ichor, more like molten metal than blood, sprayed out with the blow as the Knight brought the sword round for another slash into the beast's leg.’


Mid 17th century: from Greek ikhōr.