Definition of ice storm in English:

ice storm


North American
  • A storm of freezing rain that leaves a coating of ice.

    • ‘On Tuesday and Wednesday, there was an ice storm in northern Virginia, and we lost a couple of trees.’
    • ‘The ice storm of 1998 was the largest ice storm in Canadian history.’
    • ‘Later that day we had a huge ice storm that shut out all of the electricity to my house and virtually everything else in the area.’
    • ‘They should be looked over again after contractors work on the roof or after a hurricane, hail storm, lightning strike or ice storm.’
    • ‘Moreover, Frauson emphasized, the north face had recently been glazed over by an ice storm; it was ‘an escalator of moving snow.’’
    • ‘When a January ice storm made skiing treacherous, I took my pack and did 10 laps up and down the stairwell at my dad's 14-story apartment building.’
    • ‘However, to decrease potential observer bias, wherever possible broken branches lying near damaged trees were used to verify estimates of missing crown volume as a result of the ice storm.’
    • ‘This ice storm was one of the most extensive in North American history, affecting about 62 million hectares across Canada and the northeastern United States.’
    • ‘We had a ice storm a week ago that had 200,000 people without electricity in South Carolina.’
    • ‘A lot of those oak trees, by the way, Kyra, which, as we said, have been around for a long time, but have not weathered the great ice storm of 2002.’
    • ‘However, a single ice storm in January of 1998 lasted for six days, and in some areas, there was freezing rain for more than 80 hours, resulting in an accumulation of more than 85 mm of ice.’
    • ‘Large scale disturbances such as the ice storm can play major roles in altering selection pressures and can have major effects on habitat-selection patterns exhibited by bird populations.’
    • ‘The trip was originally slated for mid-March - aimed at coinciding with the maple syrup-making, but the mid-March ice storm had laid waste to those plans.’
    • ‘Around here, the Big One, contrary to stereotype, isn't a tornado; it's an ice storm.’
    • ‘However, Rhamnus cathartica, an invasive shrub that was rare in our plots before the ice storm, was abundant in all four years following the ice storm.’
    • ‘Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas all endure the occasional ice storm, hurricane and tornado that can cause electrical outages.’
    • ‘The shrubs/saplings that had grown since the ice storm may have intercepted most of the available light, creating a sub-canopy that may be suppressing other new growth.’
    • ‘It seems the branch had been dark territory since the signal system had been knocked out by an ice storm several years ago and had recently been replaced with a new system but ‘bugs’ remained to be worked out of it.’
    • ‘The string of cancellations began after a freezing rain and ice storm hit the region on December 15.’
    • ‘Oaklawn Park officials pitched in to help horsemen and backstretch workers cope with the Christmas ice storm that virtually paralyzed Hot Springs and the surrounding regions of Arkansas.’
    tempest, squall
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ice storm

/ˈīs ˌstôrm/