Definition of ice plant in US English:

ice plant


  • Either of two succulent plants that are widely cultivated for their flowers.

    an Asian stonecrop that bears domed heads of tiny pink flowers (Sedum spectabile, family Crassulaceae)

    a South African plant that has leaves covered with glistening fluid-filled hairs that resemble ice crystals (genera Mesembryanthemum and Dorotheanthus, family Aizoaceae, in particular M. crystallinum)

    • ‘I topped this one with a piece of ice plant, the most amazing salad leaf imaginable.’
    • ‘The ice plant's lime green foliage contrasts strongly with prickly silver mats of neighboring pinks.’
    • ‘A similar response to drought or salt stress was observed for McCDPK1 in common ice plant.’
    • ‘If you want to attract butterflies to your garden in late summer and autumn, look no further than the ice plant, a perennial which has pretty domed heads of pink flowers above thick, succulent leaves.’
    • ‘Expression of McHAK2 and McHAK3 was stimulated in leaves of the ice plant in response to high salinity.’


ice plant

/ˈīs ˌplant/