Definition of ice pack in US English:

ice pack


  • 1A bag filled with ice and applied to the body to reduce swelling or lower temperature.

    • ‘Use an insulated thermos or ice pack to keep beverages cold.’
    • ‘Rae was still in hysterics and Bryan was trying to calm her down, and Fantasia was crouching down next to the fallen couple with ice pack in her hands.’
    • ‘Inside its all-cotton body is a removable insert of cherry stones that retain either heat or cold well, a safe and friendly alternative to a heating pad or ice pack.’
    • ‘And yes, there is likely to be tenderness, discomfort and slight swelling, so use an ice pack and stay off your feet for 48 hours.’
    • ‘And a guy who reportedly cut in line at a Florida Wal-Mart may want to ask Santa for an ice pack.’
    • ‘Direct pressure with an ice pack brought the swelling down.’
    • ‘She saw that it wasn't that bad, and the ice pack had reduced the swelling greatly.’
    • ‘Put an ice pack on your body where the pain occurs for 20 minutes at a time, three or four times a day.’
    • ‘Caspian put another ice pack to the back of his head.’
    • ‘The blond cautiously made his way over to me with ice pack in hand.’
    • ‘I'm laying here with an ice pack hoping the swelling will go down before school Monday.’
    • ‘I tied one ice pack to each side of my stomach so those areas could get ice as well.’
    • ‘Place an ice pack on the injury to reduce swelling.’
    • ‘But I had to keep this ice pack firm on my lip, even though it stung and was unmistakably cold.’
    • ‘Angie and Nick returned with the bandages and ice pack for my ankle and handed them over to Jake and Shannon.’
    • ‘I'm at home now and ready for another round of pain meds, ice pack, and a nap.’
    • ‘After putting on some medicine and wrapping up her hands, the three gave Avalon a small ice pack to stop the swelling.’
    • ‘Lastly, the ice pack reduces inflammation and swelling of the plantar fascia in the injured areas.’
    • ‘He returned with another ice pack and placed it on the damaged shoulder.’
    • ‘You can help to reduce swelling by using an ice pack on the area and using Benadryl.’
  • 2

    another term for pack ice


ice pack

/ˈaɪs ˌpæk//ˈīs ˌpak/