Definition of ice age in US English:

ice age


  • 1A glacial episode during a past geological period.

    • ‘The rise of sea levels with the release of glacial waters at the end of the last ice age flooded the plain between what is now the UK and Europe.’
    • ‘If the stream is weakened, this part of Europe could experience a mini ice age with all of its devastating effects.’
    • ‘It formed over 3000 years ago on an over-steepened slope left after the last ice age.’
    • ‘Scientists believe the Toba explosion 75,000 years ago sparked the last ice age.’
    • ‘The Time Machine zoomed its lead character into war torn London and past a new ice age.’
    • ‘Global warming leading to the next ice age makes for catchy headlines but it is not based in science.’
    • ‘It seems to have done best in Late Pleistocene times, as the glaciers of the last ice age were retreating.’
    • ‘The two forms have evolved rapidly in these lakes since the end of the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago.’
    • ‘This occurred at the end of the ice age and probably into early post-glacial time.’
    • ‘We could probably cope with smaller climatic variations, as we have done in our past, but what if it were an ice age or the melting of the poles?’
    • ‘The thick fur which is so clearly an adaptation in the depth of an ice age is equally clearly a liability as the ice age recedes.’
    • ‘Maybe volcanoes covered the land in lava, poisoned the air, and brought on an ice age.’
    • ‘One thing that they need not concern themselves with is Global Warming causing the onset of the next ice age.’
    • ‘We would have some warning of course, as we would with the onset of an ice age, but I feel it would be too little, too late.’
    • ‘Prior to these discoveries it was believed all of southeast Alaska was covered in glaciers during the last ice age.’
    • ‘The site lies in an area of rapid isostatic rebound following the last ice age.’
    • ‘The most dramatic climate changes have occurred during the past 2 million years when the world entered the present ice age.’
    • ‘It has been taking place, uninterrupted, since at least the last ice age.’
    • ‘It now seems the valley below the cove was gouged out during an earlier ice age by a glacier, which drained the caves.’
    • ‘It may be possible that scientists will one day announce with confidence that an ice age is imminent, or that a warm period is under way.’
    1. 1.1the Ice Age The series of glacial episodes during the Pleistocene period.
      • ‘Globally, sea level has been rising slowly but surely since the end of the Pleistocene ice age.’
      • ‘No art is more clearly dominated by inherited traditions, forms, subject matter, and technique than the art of the Ice Age.’
      • ‘Polar bears probably diverged from brown bear ancestors near the Arctic coast of Eurasia early in the Ice Age.’
      • ‘He was ambivalent about whether or not they were ever filled by ice sheets during the Ice Age.’
      • ‘A Paleolithic flute is being played for the first time since the Ice Age.’
      • ‘Excavations show that previous residents from the Ice Age included wolves, bison, rhinos, hyenas and bears.’
      • ‘Probably only the cause of the Pleistocene ice age has generated as many bewildering theories.’
      • ‘It was a very quick rate of change between the Ice Age and the warmer period.’
      • ‘This is the fifth book in the series Earth's Children, a magnificent pre-historic saga set in the Ice Age.’
      • ‘Part I explores timber cutting from the end of the Ice Age through the medieval period.’
      • ‘The greatest rate of ice shelf development probably occurred near the end of the Ice Age.’
      • ‘It may well be that the activity we see today is just a fraction of the intense seepage occurring during the Ice Age.’
      • ‘Furthermore, the ice sheet during the Ice Age would have been lower and warmer at the time the snow was building.’
      • ‘My guess is that our Palaeolithic ancestors 20,000 years ago in the depths of the Ice Age were counting things.’
      • ‘Until the end of the Ice Age, 13,000 years ago, Tasmania was connected to the mainland by a land bridge.’
      • ‘In the blessed Yaak, however, not a single mammal has gone extinct since the end of the Ice Age.’
      • ‘This exquisite piece is no simple rendition of the chunky horses of the Ice Age European steppes.’
      • ‘Experts say it is one of the few cases where evidence shows men either killing or butchering animals on a site from the Ice Age period.’
      • ‘Woolly mammoths are perhaps the best known mammals of the Ice Age.’
      • ‘This week he looks at the aftermath of the Ice Age, which saw the land recolonised by flora and fauna.’


ice age

/ˈīs ˌāj//ˈaɪs ˌeɪdʒ/