Definition of ibisbill in US English:



  • An upland wading bird of central Asia, with a long, down-curved bill and black, white, and blue-gray plumage on the head and breast.

    Ibidorhyncha struthersii, the only member of the family Ibidorhynchidae

    • ‘The ibisbill has no links to true ibises, to which it bears little resemblance except in its bill.’
    • ‘The Recurvirostrinae consist of Haematopodini (oyster-catchers) and Recurvirostrini (ibisbills, stilts, and avocets)’
    • ‘Unlike other members of the group, ibisbills are usually found alone, in pairs, or in much smaller groups that rarely exceed seven or eight individuals.’
    • ‘The ibisbill feeds by probing among the cobble and pebbles of the cold streams that it inhabits.’
    • ‘River chats, dippers, flycatcher, isibias, wall creepers, bulbuls, forktales, ibisbills are a few of the almost 400 species of birds available around the basin.’
    • ‘Could the mysterious ibisbill raptor, isolated in its remote montane habitat, in fact be the last of the true Specworld troodonts?’
    • ‘The ibisbill is the only species in this family.’
    • ‘One has to first cross the Kameng river (look for ibisbills on the banks) and then follow a forest dept guide into the forest.’
    • ‘This is apparently not the only site in Beijing municipality where ibisbills have been recorded.’
    • ‘The ibisbill is found in high-altitude rocky mountain streams in the Himalayas and central Asia.’