Definition of hypsometer in US English:



  • A device for calibrating thermometers at the boiling point of water at a known height above sea level or for estimating height above sea level by finding the temperature at which water boils.

    • ‘The most reliable tools for this purpose are an Abney hand level, a hypsometer, or a transit.’
    • ‘If the tree is taller than your hypsometer will measure, stand 50 feet away.’
    • ‘I have ranked many of the hypsometers by my interpretation of 5 main factors.’
    • ‘Look through the hypsometer and aim the red beam at the transponder.’
    • ‘Students practice orienteering and using clinometers, dendrometers, GPS units, hypsometers, wedge prisms and other forestry tools. ^ Top’
    • ‘The principle behind the use is the same except there is an extra computational effect in with the percent hypsometer.’
    • ‘The height of a dominant or co-dominant tree in each plot was measured using an hypsometer and measuring tape.’
    • ‘The water level is simply raised to change the hypsometer into a variable temperature water bath.’
    • ‘This invention refers to a hypsometer having controlled heating, particularly for use in metrological radio-sondes.’
    • ‘The hypsometers (water boilers) can be seen at each lab station, and the closest one actually has a plume of steam escaping from its top.’
    • ‘Site down to the base of the tree and, depending on the hypsometer, record the angle d or the value AD.’
    • ‘Some other equipment includes handheld GPS, differential GPS, laser hypsometers, laser rangefinders, and optical stereoscopes.’
    • ‘Once calibrated, the hypsometer has a built-in temperature sensor which compensates for changes in temperature.’
    • ‘Teams of only one or two members may employ computerised calipers and hypsometers to collect diameters and related variables.’