Definition of hypothermal in US English:



  • 1Not very hot; tepid.

    • ‘Nothing is known on the physiological responses of lymphocytes during short-term hypothermal shifts.’
    • ‘We will characterize the physiological relevance of such a hypothermal activation process in primary human lymphocytes.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or suffering from hypothermia.
      • ‘This invention relates in general to methods and means for hypothermal medical treatment.’
      • ‘The use of trasilol is preferable in patients with a large scope of surgical intervention under prolonged hypothermal perfusion.’
      • ‘The variety of such injuries is very large and includes pedestrian and hypothermal deaths, ski injuries, and injuries from other sports-related activities.’
      • ‘We would like to highlight that we treated 7 hypothermal patients although there's a special medical division in Budapest for hypothermal cases.’
    2. 1.2Geology Relating to mineral deposits formed at relatively high temperature and pressure.
      • ‘The mineral water is slightly mineralised, hypothermal, hydro carbonic-sulphate-sodium.’
      • ‘Such pipes may have been present in other hypothermal deposits that are now currently inaccessible.’
      • ‘The place offers slightly mineralised waters with hypothermal, hydrocarbonic sulphate and sodium-free composition.’
      • ‘Mineral waters in Bankya are characterized as slightly mineralized, hypothermal, with a temperature of 36-37 C and very tasty.’