Definition of hyposensitivity in US English:



  • A lower than normal sensitivity to stimuli.

    • ‘Regarding my hyposensitivities, it can be really difficult for me to realize that I am sick due to my hyposensitivity to pain and pressure.’
    • ‘In addition, autistic individuals may also display hyposensitivities or hypersensitivities to different types of environmental stimuli.’
    • ‘There are other types of hyposensitivity, such as the classic scenario of an autistic child acting deaf.’
    • ‘Sensory hyposensitivities or hypersensitivities to the environment are often noted.’
    • ‘Autistic children with hyposensitivities to sensory stimulation constantly feel under-stimulated.’
    • ‘Children with ASD may have hyposensitivity to pain and can exhibit unusual forms of self-injurious behaviour.’
    • ‘Someone with gustatory hyposensitivity tends to constantly put objects, fingers or food in the mouth.’
    • ‘The present data showed blood pressure reduction and no reversal of the hyposensitivity of the baroreflex by acute losartan treatment.’
    • ‘Sensory issues can also be hyposensitivities, where nothing gets in unless it is very loud or painful.’
    • ‘Hypersensitivities / hyposensitivities affect they ability to tolerate and modulate tactile sensations.’
    • ‘We analyze sensory issues by introducing the concept of attention functions, used to model hypersensitivities and hyposensitivities.’
    • ‘The hyposensitivity in the gut was accompanied by a 46% increase in the somatic referred pain areas indicating central neuronal changes.’
    • ‘Sensory hyposensitivities or hypersensitivities to the environment are common features.’
    • ‘We have five main sensory channels and each of them may be affected with hyper- or hyposensitivities.’
    • ‘The children in Asperger's study displayed a range of hyposensitivities and hypersensitivities to taste, tactile, and auditory stimuli.’