Definition of hypoglossal nerve in US English:

hypoglossal nerve


  • Each of the twelfth pair of cranial nerves, supplying the muscles of the tongue.

    • ‘The hypoglossal nerve has been reported to carry sensory fibers which supply the tip of the tongue.’
    • ‘Fibers of the hypoglossal nerve take a ventrolateral course and emerge between the olive and pyramid.’
    • ‘Descendens hypoglossi may be carried partly or completely by the vagus nerve instead of the hypoglossal nerve.’
    • ‘The ipsilateral hypoglossal nerve was sectioned, and that half of the muscle became silent.’
    • ‘Some fibers of the hypoglossal nerve can be traced through the reticular formation as they course towards the ventrolateral sulcus.’


Mid 19th century: hypoglossal from hypo- ‘under’ + Greek glōssa ‘tongue’ + -al.


hypoglossal nerve

/ˌhīpəˌɡläs(ə)l ˈnərv/