Definition of hypogeum in English:



  • An underground chamber.

    • ‘Without a doubt, its great attraction continues to be the existence of groups of enormous hypogea carved in the hardened volcanic ash.’
    • ‘Consequently the absence of an Agapè table from the Christian hypogeum may in future help in dating hypogea.’
    • ‘It's a Etruscan hypogeum grave, built in the II century B.C. for the family of Arunte Volumnio.’
    • ‘On the island of Malta, where great colossal statues of Goddesses still stand, is the underground hypogeum.’
    • ‘The problem of conservation, restoration and exploitation of Roman hypogea is part of the more general need to safeguard of the Cultural Heritage of Europe.’
    • ‘This stingless bee, Trigona hypogea, carries off the youngsters left behind in newly abandoned wasp nests.’
    • ‘What conditions limiting growth of cyanobacteria can be safety applied in Roman hypogea?’
    • ‘One of the most fascinating parts of this farm is the huge hypogeum olive-press, named after it.’
    • ‘Today the hypogeum is in remarkable condition, and an air conditioning system has recently been installed to help preserve the site.’
    • ‘These hypogea range from single tombs to larger clusters found within the same ridge similar to what one may observe at the site of Ta’ Bistra in Mosta.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin, from Greek hupogeion, neuter of hupogeios underground.