Definition of hypochondriasis in US English:



  • technical term for hypochondria
    • ‘Two patients fulfilled the criteria for hypochondriasis and 18 for the chronic benign pain syndrome.’
    • ‘His entire bizarre lifestyle the drapes, the wheelchair, the pills was hypochondriasis writ large.’
    • ‘It is currently unknown how closely related OCD is to other disorders such as trichotillomainia, body dysmorphic disorder and hypochondriasis.’
    • ‘Too many reports of adverse effects exist for this to be dismissed as hypochondriasis or people's resentment of food interference.’
    • ‘We did not analyze the hypochondriasis subscale.’
    • ‘It showed that even the hollow and the imaginary can demonstrate some form of hypochondriasis.’
    • ‘Liver qi stagnation will give rise to stuffiness and fullness of the chest, unhappy feelings, hypochondriasis, or even mental depression.’
    • ‘Studies have repeatedly shown a higher incidence of anxiety, hypochondriasis, and depression in IBS patients.’