Definition of hypertonic in English:



  • 1Having increased pressure or tone, in particular.

    • ‘Induced sputum samples were obtained using 3% hypertonic saline, as described previously, with minor modifications.’
    • ‘Once saturated with exudate, the hypertonic dressing becomes isotonic.’
    • ‘She was treated with topical corticosteroids, ofloxacin, and a 5% sodium chloride hypertonic solution.’
    • ‘Thus, increased vascular permeability induced by endotoxemia can be attenuated by hypertonic saline, with or without dextran.’
    • ‘In humans, hypertonic saline causes neural depolarization with local axon responses that release substance P in the mucosa.’
    • ‘It is the consequence of accidental or intentional ingestion of hypertonic solutions, such as hypertonic saline or bicarbonate-containing solutions.’
    • ‘The efficient intrapulmonary deposition delivered a fairly high amount of a hypertonic solution to the airways.’
    • ‘If one solution has a lower osmotic pressure it is said to hypotonic to the more concentrated solution, which is termed the hypertonic solution.’
    • ‘Sputum induction is a respiratory therapy technique that uses hypertonic saline to induce sputum production.’
    • ‘These formulas are hypertonic and can be as high as 1000 mOsm/kg or more of water.’
    • ‘This is the reason why electrolytes used for that purpose are hypertonic.’
    • ‘Compared with histamine or methacholine, hypertonic saline appears to be less sensitive but more specific for diagnosing asthma.’
    • ‘He then directed her to use saline nose drops, which are slightly hypertonic, to ‘bathe’ her eustachian tube orifices via a nasal route.’
    • ‘Induced sputum was conducted using hypertonic saline via an ultrasonic nebulizer for 12 minutes.’
    • ‘Sputum was induced according to a modified standard technique using 4.5% hypertonic saline.’
    • ‘The use of hypertonic mannitol to treat severe cerebral edema is at the physician's discretion.’
    • ‘Subjects with currently active asthma who are responsive to hypertonic saline are also responsive to mannitol.’
    • ‘In all patch-clamp experiments, the vitelline membrane was first removed with forceps after a brief exposure to hypertonic solution.’
    • ‘Increasing concentrations of hypertonic saline were administered, each for 5 minutes.’
    • ‘Subcutaneous infiltration of a hypertonic and irritant solution can cause local skin ulceration, secondary infection, and scarring.’
    1. 1.1Biology Having a higher osmotic pressure than a particular fluid, typically a body fluid or intracellular fluid.
      • ‘In hypertonic syndromes the brain compensates by increasing osmoles in the brain cells.’
      • ‘Neurologically they are hypertonic and may have frequent episodes of apnea.’
      • ‘Vasopressin continued to act in patients excreting isotonic or hypertonic urine, so hypotonic intake must be avoided in them.’
      • ‘Being a breakdown product of hemoglobin, urine is colored by urobilinogen and is more hypertonic than plasma and more acid.’
      • ‘If water flows from the cell into the stronger solution outside, the external solution is said to be hypertonic.’
    2. 1.2Physiology Of or in a state of abnormally high muscle tone.
      • ‘When the nervous system becomes involved, the muscle tendon bundles remain hypertonic and pain reflexes in the area are activated.’
      • ‘Whilst the muscles are not necessarily hypertonic in osteoporosis they are likely to have undergone fibrotic changes.’