Definition of hypersthene in US English:



  • A greenish rock-forming mineral of the orthopyroxene class, consisting of a magnesium iron silicate.

    • ‘How about apatite, apophyllite, axinite, chlorite, hypersthene, scapolite, serpentine, tantalite, and wolframite?’
    • ‘The most fundamental characteristic of tholeiites is the presence of a low-Ca pyroxene (e.g., hypersthene).’
    • ‘The plagioclase feldspar weathers to produce a whitish gray rock, while the mafic minerals (olivine, augite and hypersthene) produce contrasting darker grains.’
    • ‘Other associated minerals include olivine, phlogopite, enstatite (hypersthene), and many other trace accessory minerals.’
    • ‘Little-weathered grains of hypersthene and rare clasts of limestone persist throughout the profile, as evidence for limited chemical weathering.’


Early 19th century: coined in French, from hyper- ‘exceeding’ + Greek sthenos ‘strength’ (because it is harder than hornblende).