Definition of hyperinstrument in US English:



  • A musical instrument designed or adapted to be used with electronic sensors whose output controls the computerized generation or transformation of the sound.

    • ‘The pianist plays silent notes on this keyboard at specific moments of the piece in order to change the state of the hyperinstrument software.’
    • ‘The hyperinstrument that will probably get the most attention, and draw the longest lines, is Harmonic Driving.’
    • ‘The effect is so compelling that hyperinstruments have been used by a wide array of musicians, from Yo-Yo Ma to Peter Gabriel and Prince.’
    • ‘His ‘radio baton’ hyperinstrument allows him to conduct a computer orchestra by simply waving a wand over an electromagnetic field.’
    • ‘For the realization of this project some new hyperinstruments were developed.’
    • ‘As you see on Frontiers, the Brain Opera uses high-tech hyperinstruments to create musical compositions.’
    • ‘It is this kind of audience involvement - not the mere manipulation of our hyperinstruments - that makes the Brain Opera truly an ‘opera.’’
    • ‘The hyperinstruments don't require traditional technique so much as a new type of subtility; the expression of the arts should not be passive.’
    • ‘The web site provides applets for experimenting with hyperinstruments.’
    • ‘The hyperinstrument project is designed to use technology to give extra power and finesse to virtuoso performers.’