Definition of hypercube in US English:



  • A geometric figure in four or more dimensions that is analogous to a cube in three dimensions.

    • ‘The Latin hypercube experimental design method was also used to reduce the number of combinations to be tested.’
    • ‘The resultant data set is referred to by several names: an object cube, an image cube, a hypercube, or a data cube.’
    • ‘However, if this is not the case, then phylogenetic networks represent sets of contradicting splits by hypercubes.’
    • ‘Sometimes a rotating hypercube gives me an inkling.’
    • ‘A 1-inch 4-dimensional hypercube has a longest diagonal whose length is the square root of 4.’
    • ‘Nucleotides may be depicted as positions on a hypercube, represented by a cube within a cube.’
    • ‘Beyond reason and belief, this cube is really a hypercube and exists in four dimensions: length, width, depth, and time.’
    • ‘In a way, it feels like a hypercube: a shape that mere 3-dimensional beings are fundamentally unequipped to perceive as a whole.’
    • ‘Here, we drew input parameter values from a probability distribution using Latin hypercube sampling.’
    • ‘Several authors, observing that 64 is equal not only to 4 but also to 2, suggest organizing the codon table as a six-dimensional hypercube.’
    • ‘In four dimensions, the equivalent of a cube is a hypercube, or tesseract.’
    • ‘As the persons trapped within the cube fall out and go their separate ways this hypercube's disintegration threatens their safety.’
    • ‘And the hypercube unraveled points to Sydney, via Lucio.’
    • ‘Granted, to the hypercube, the fourth dimension is only another spatial dimension, but to us, the fourth dimension seems to be temporal.’