Definition of hyperbolic paraboloid in US English:

hyperbolic paraboloid


  • A surface whose section parallel to one properly oriented coordinate plane is a hyperbola and whose sections parallel to the other two coordinate planes are parabolas.

    • ‘The hyperboloid is then indented and connected to a series of hyperbolic paraboloids through their common directrices.’
    • ‘His architecture exploits all sorts of new structural types - such as the hyperbolic paraboloid - if not for the very first time, then for the most seminal time.’
    • ‘The roof is more complex, its hyperbolic paraboloid form derived from a Muybridge-like analysis of the movement of an oar.’
    • ‘But the hyperbolic paraboloid geometry employed made it possible to computer-design and manufacture the various shapes needed at low cost.’
    • ‘Slender vertical members wrap around the column in a hyperbolic paraboloid, forming an open helical mesh.’