Definition of Hyksos in English:


plural noun

  • A people of mixed Semitic and Asian descent who invaded Egypt and settled in the Nile delta c.1640 BC. They formed the 15th and 16th dynasties of Egypt and ruled a large part of the country until driven out c.1532 BC.

    • ‘I think the situation you are thinking of may have occurred in isolated instances later on, such as the Hyksos people's momentary control of the Nile region.’
    • ‘There's good evidence that by the time of the Hyksos, a large part of Egyptian culture was lost to the Egypt of the day.’
    • ‘The Egyptians under the Hyksos pharaohs invaded the Near East, and then came to Greece.’
    • ‘In 1575 B.C., a Thebian dynasty drove out the Hyksos and reunited the kingdom.’
    • ‘During the 13 th Dynasty, there was a surplus of Hyksos.’
    • ‘The Hyksos weren't content with Pharaoh's welcome and great generosity - they wanted all the fertile lands.’
    • ‘They command you take the Hyksos chief's daughter as your wife.’
    • ‘From around 1700 bc a much lighter chariot drawn by only two animals was developed, with which the Hyksos conquered Egypt.’
    • ‘That was after Ahmose, a Theban ruler, defeated the Hyksos, who controlled the Lower Egypt.’
    • ‘This Second Intermediate Period saw the Hyksos, Semitic invaders from Palestine, come and overtake the Egyptian ruling class.’
    • ‘After the Bronze Age, Amorites, Western Semites, Hyksos and Hittites successively invaded the area.’
    • ‘According to Manetho, he was the last king to rule before the Hyksos occupied Egypt ‘without a battle.’’


From Greek Huksōs (interpreted by Manetho as ‘shepherd kings’ or ‘captive shepherds’), from Egyptian heqa khoswe ‘foreign rulers’.