Definition of hydrous in English:



Geology Chemistry
  • Containing water as a constituent.

    ‘a hydrous lava flow’
    • ‘These are a revelation: virtually weightless, plain cylinders that dispense their deliciously light, hydrous formulations cleanly and efficiently.’
    • ‘More likely, however, is that any water would become incorporated in the rock through formation of hydrous minerals as the reaction fronts advance.’
    • ‘The aqueducts provided public baths with hydrous spectacles and private houses with running water and flush toilets.’
    • ‘Limonite is not a mineral species as such, but rather a mixture of amorphous hydrous iron oxides.’
    • ‘Because zeolites form in hydrous environments, typically through alteration of igneous rocks, they may ultimately be found on Mars, if liquid water did once exist on that planet.’
    fluid, flowing, running
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Early 19th century: from Greek hudro- water + -ous.