Definition of hydrolysate in US English:



  • A substance produced by hydrolysis.

    • ‘Indeed, the addition of a protein hydrolysate to the milk allows their growth.’
    • ‘The result is more successful muscle building with hydrolysates, so look for them when you buy protein supplements.’
    • ‘For optimal recovery, take collagen hydrolysates with glucosamine and/or chondroitin sulfate, building blocks that form the noncollagen components of joint cartilage.’
    • ‘They must be given formulas, which are free of all sources of lactose such as ones that are a meat base, soybean, or amino acid hydrolysate.’
    • ‘Collagen hydrolysate is a protein that helps regenerate and synthesize the cartilage in humans and animals, and supplements come from pigs, cows, oxen, chickens or sheep.’