Definition of hydrogel in US English:



  • A gel in which the liquid component is water.

    as modifier ‘hydrogel contact lenses’
    • ‘The material, called a hydrogel, contains a polymer that senses and binds to glucose in bodily fluids.’
    • ‘The films are in a class of materials known as hydrogels, which are networks of polymers that swell in water.’
    • ‘These charges cause attraction between neighbouring peptides and result in the formation a hydrogel that swells in the presence of water.’
    • ‘Because they contain up to 95% water, hydrogels cannot absorb much exudate and should be reserved for dry wounds or wounds with minimal to moderate drainage.’
    • ‘Although dressings such as films, foams, hydrocolloids, hydrogels, collagen, and alginates, may be more expensive per dressing than gauze dressings, they are less expensive to use.’