Definition of hydrazine in US English:



  • A colorless volatile alkaline liquid with powerful reducing properties, used in chemical synthesis and in some kinds of rocket fuels.

    Chemical formula: N₂H₄

    • ‘And if there's enough hydrazine on board to continue orbiting Saturn and doing great science, I'm sure that the project will request extended mission funding.’
    • ‘The unusual microbes consume ammonia, producing hydrazine - better known as rocket fuel - in the process.’
    • ‘Unlike Mars, where the thin Martian atmosphere allows for aerobraking maneuvers, all of the energy needed to move into a capture orbit must be brought along from Earth in the form of hydrazine or another type of fuel.’
    • ‘They were fueled by hydrazine, and after the war it was available cheaply.’
    • ‘The concerns centre on the various types of fuel carried, such as hydrazine, a toxic colourless liquid with an ammonia-like odour, which can burn the skin.’


Late 19th century: from hydrogen + azo- + -ine.