Definition of hydrangea in US English:



  • A shrub or climbing plant with rounded or flattened flowering heads of small florets, the outer ones of which are typically infertile. Hydrangeas are native to Asia and America.

    Genus Hydrangea, family Hydrangeaceae: many species, in particular late (or panicled) hydrangea (H. paniculata), an ornamental shrub that blooms in late summer, and bigleaf hydrangea (H. macrophylla), commonly grown for florists and as a houseplant

    • ‘Or, let a climbing hydrangea blur the rigid lines of a stucco wall.’
    • ‘A hydrangea planted against a wall, for example, will grow toward the light, leaving the side of the shrub against the wall somewhat flat.’
    • ‘Its perennial plants are complemented by azaleas, hydrangeas and lupins in pots.’
    • ‘With the shortage of good all-summer plants, hydrangeas deserve a spot in everyone's garden.’
    • ‘A climbing hydrangea, honeysuckle and cotoneaster behaved in similar fashion until their third year, when they all finally took off.’


Modern Latin, from Greek hudro- ‘water’ + angeion ‘vessel’ (from the cup shape of its seed capsule).