Definition of hydathode in English:



  • A modified pore, especially on a leaf, that exudes drops of water.

    • ‘Indeed, activity, although low, was detected in cotyledon veins and tips and also in leaf veins, trichomes, and hydathodes.’
    • ‘We analyzed the results as an estimate of the number of hydathodes, which is known to differ between juvenile and adult leaves.’
    • ‘The three main veins fused at the leaf tip leading to an epithem hydathode.’
    • ‘The hydathode is a specialized structure involved in secretion of water under high humidity.’
    • ‘Another way of disposing of excess salt may be to lose salt from the hydathodes, which release water at times of low transpirational water loss, such as at night.’
    opening, orifice, aperture, hole, outlet, inlet, vent
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Late 19th century: from Greek hudōr, hudat- water + hodos way.