Definition of hyaline cartilage in US English:

hyaline cartilage


  • A translucent bluish-white type of cartilage present in the joints, the respiratory tract, and the immature skeleton.

    • ‘The cricoid cartilage is a ring of hyaline cartilage that forms the inferior wall of the larynx.’
    • ‘Fibrocartilage has characteristics similar to both dense connective tissue and hyaline cartilage.’
    • ‘Microscopic examination revealed nodules of hyaline cartilage with chondrocytes arranged in a clustering pattern.’
    • ‘Early results seem to indicate that the probe has sufficient sensitivity to detect mechanical differences in hyaline cartilage compared with fibrous cartilage.’
    • ‘Therefore the cartilage tissue resembles fibroelastic cartilage instead of hyaline cartilage which makes up most of the normal laryngeal cartilaginous structures except epiglottis.’