Definition of hyaline in US English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • 1Having a glassy, translucent appearance.

    • ‘The seedling lost its hyaline appearance and the parasite died before a tubercle had formed.’
    • ‘In fact, these specimens are rather well preserved and their hyaline appearance in transmitted light is similar to other species of the genus.’
    • ‘The lungs showed significant congestion, edema, and patchy, hyaline membranes in all lobes.’
    • ‘In the center of the valve is a rosette of larger areolae surrounding a star-shaped hyaline area.’
    • ‘In sections, the organisms had a hyaline appearance.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to, consisting of, or characterized by hyaline material.
      • ‘Collagenous hyaline deposition was variable, and collagenous spherules could be seen.’
      • ‘Numerous glomerular wireloop lesions and hyaline capillary loop thrombi were seen.’
      • ‘Some cells have intracytoplasmic lumina with hyaline globules, and there may be hemosiderin deposition.’
      • ‘Some lesions may exhibit hyaline fibrosis of blood vessel walls.’
      • ‘In addition, three patients had hyaline collagen degeneration, four myxoid degeneration, three fibrinoid degeneration, and six had mixed lesions.’


  • 1the hyalineliterary A thing that is clear and translucent like glass, especially a smooth sea or a clear sky.

    • ‘Heading straight into the sun the bow of the ship raises its fist for another attack on a relentless swell and angry salt spray spews into the air only to fall back into the collective pit of unchallenged hyaline.’
  • 2

    another term for hyalin
    • ‘Alcoholic hyaline is thought to result from damage to the cytoskeleton of the hepatocyte, and is formed by an aggregation of damaged intermediate filaments.’
    • ‘Typical findings are punctate and linear densities in articular hyaline or fibrocartilaginous tissues.’
    • ‘Fat droplets, cholestasis, or alcoholic hyaline may on occasion appear within cells of the adenoma.’
    • ‘The number of ballooned hepatocytes, the number of cells with alcoholic hyaline, the amount of satellitosis all tend to be less striking.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin hyalinus (see hyalin).