Definition of hyacinth bean in US English:

hyacinth bean


  • A tropical Asian plant of the pea family, widely grown as an ornamental or for its edible seeds and pods and as a fodder crop.

    Lablab purpureus (or Dolichos lablab), family Leguminosae

    • ‘Barlow says that when she grows hyacinth bean, its red-veined purple foliage and sweet pea-like purple or white flowers stop people in their tracks.’
    • ‘Summer is the season of various kinds of beans full of protein including red beans, green beans, cowpeas, hyacinth beans and horse beans.’
    • ‘Almost any type will work - morning glories, moonflowers, hyacinth beans, even pole beans.’
    • ‘Plant quick-growing vines, such as morning glory or hyacinth bean, around the outside of the lattice.’
    • ‘Other common names for the lablab bean include bonavist bean, Egyptian bean, and hyacinth bean.’