Definition of hunting dog in US English:

hunting dog


  • 1A dog of a breed developed for hunting.

    • ‘Rick's wanted to get a Rottweiler or some other hunting dog for a long time, but our landlord doesn't allow dogs.’
    • ‘For example, the beagle is a hunting dog and was trained to bark when it spotted the prey.’
    • ‘Some Dachshunds are still bred as hunting dogs and will bravely tackle opponents larger than themselves.’
    • ‘Apart from his family she added that he was passionate about his 15 Saluki hunting dogs, which he bred and are now being cared for by several friends.’
    • ‘His article describes some of his investigations into the origins of the Saluki, a hunting dog related to the Afghan Hound.’
  • 2An African wild dog that has a dark coat with pale markings and a white-tipped tail, living and hunting in packs.

    Lycaon pictus, family Canidae

    • ‘They include African hunting dogs, jaguars, and clouded leopards.’
    • ‘The African wild dog's instinct to roam widely is bringing it into lethal contact with humans.’
    • ‘Scientists in the Serengeti unwittingly contribute to the local extinction of African wild dogs.’
    • ‘In African wild dogs, some individuals will chase the prey, and may even change leaders during the chase.’
    • ‘The maligned African wild dog, which kills by disemboweling, has been driven close to extinction.’


hunting dog

/ˈhən(t)iNG ˈˌdäɡ/