Definition of hung in US English:



  • past and past participle of hang


  • 1(of a jury) unable to agree on a verdict.

    • ‘This trial in fact, as a matter of record in this Court, was a retrial following a hung jury.’
    • ‘The first trial resulted in a hung jury, the jury couldn't reach a unanimous decision.’
    • ‘Nine of the twelve jurors voted to acquit them, and the judge declared a hung jury.’
    • ‘Was there a correlation between particular kinds of cases, and hung juries?’
    • ‘In his first trial there was a hung jury, but in the second he was found guilty.’
    1. 1.1 (of an elected body) having no political party with an overall majority.
      ‘a hung parliament’
      ‘in a hung council, his vote would be eagerly sought by either party’
      • ‘The markets will have been relieved that the election did not result in a hung parliament, as they hate uncertainty.’
      • ‘For any of the major parties to gain outright control of the hung council, it would require a major swing in votes.’
      • ‘Warwickshire on the other hand has remained a hung council, with no overall majority.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that the voters wanted to shake up the status quo and they have done this by creating what is almost a hung parliament.’
      • ‘If repeated nationwide, this swing would produce a hung parliament.’
  • 2hung upinformal predicative Emotionally confused or disturbed.

    ‘people are hung up in all sorts of ways’
    confused, at sea, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, confounded, muddled, perplexed
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    1. 2.1hung up about/on Have a psychological or emotional obsession or problem about.
      ‘guys are so hung up about the way they look’
      • ‘Colors were a bit flat, but overall had a nice tonality to them - deep browns and blacks, a bit shadowy in interior scenes, but nothing to get hung up about.’
      • ‘While rolling his eyes, he scoffed, ‘You aren't still hung up about that are you?’
      • ‘It's funny that, while we don't even know what intelligence is, we still get hung up about it, just like all of our little physical insecurities.’
      • ‘‘We are deeply hung up about what we look like, about what we eat, about what we can and cannot change about ourselves,’ she says.’
      • ‘‘Tell me what you were so hung up about,’ she said, turning to face him.’
      • ‘I don't get too hung up about business, I don't take it that seriously.’
      • ‘I've known Tyler since ninth grade, and I've never seen him so hung up about a girl.’
      • ‘Bloggers who get hung up over audience size are still thinking in mass-media terms.’
      • ‘Mum was very hung up about sex and men in general and said I really shouldn't have sex until I was married.’
      • ‘It's really not something I'd get hung up about.’
      • ‘As a society, we're all too hung up about weight anyway.’
      • ‘But next time you get hung up about any of this, remember that time might change this relationship anyway.’
      • ‘For me, a better life would be a world where musicians are really appreciated and people don't get so hung up about being cool.’
      • ‘Some parents get a little too hung up about how their kids perform on the field.’
      • ‘To make such judgements, you need knowledge of the past - but don't get hung up about it.’
      • ‘I was encouraged to concentrate on my delivery and perfect my technique rather than get hung up about the jack or bowl.’
      • ‘I've tried not to get hung up about it, because I'm not an impersonator, so for me, it's all just the fun of it.’
      • ‘Travis just smiled and said, ‘I told you were hung up about a girl.’’
      • ‘Rocky wasn't really hung up about fashion, but these uniforms were bad.’
      • ‘Maybe I should not get so hung up about having to finish something.’
      infatuated with, smitten with, in love with, love-struck by, head over heels in love with, hopelessly in love with, obsessed with, passionate about, consumed with desire for, devoted to, doting on, greatly enamoured of, very attracted to, very taken with, charmed by, captivated by, enchanted by, enthralled by, bewitched by, beguiled by, under someone's spell, hypnotized by
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    2. 2.2 Delayed or detained.
      ‘my mother was probably hung up in traffic’
  • 3vulgar slang predicative Used especially in similes to refer to the size of a man's penis.

    ‘he's hung like a horse’