Definition of hummingbird hawk moth in US English:

hummingbird hawk moth

(also hummingbird moth)


  • A migratory day-flying hawk moth that makes an audible hum while hovering in front of flowers to feed on nectar.

    Family Sphingidae

    • ‘This timing could indicate that the hummingbird hawkmoth has been able to over-winter in this country.’
    • ‘In the summer there are numerous species including skipper butterflies and hummingbird hawkmoths.’
    • ‘I was most surprised to see a hummingbird hawkmoth zipping in and out of the busy Lizzies in my hanging baskets.’
    • ‘Like any nectar-gathering insect the hummingbird hawkmoth takes part in the pollination of flowers.’
    • ‘There seem to be a lot of hummingbird hawkmoths around at the moment.’