Definition of humanly in US English:



  • 1From a human point of view; in a human manner.

    ‘they can grow both humanly and spiritually’
    • ‘Bulls neither humanly smile nor mind the footsteps of their slaughterman.’
    • ‘I should, however, clarify that I am speaking humanly when I say this.’
    • ‘Parents need support, politically and humanly, to carry out this momentous and critical task, but giving infants and children what they need in their early years will, in the long term, benefit us all.’
    • ‘Its seeming inability to deal realistically and humanly with the challenge of human sexuality is an illustration.’
    • ‘But this will have to be a slow, incremental, bottom-up process of forming the Catholic laity spiritually and humanly.’
    1. 1.1 By human means; within human ability.
      ‘we did all that was humanly possible’
      • ‘I can tell you that we're doing our absolute level best to ensure that the number of casualties from military activities will be as low as humanly possible.’
      • ‘As much as humanly possible, the process eliminates surprises within the organization; it anticipates variables, breaks them down and neutralizes them.’
      • ‘There's a catch, though: it might be humanly impossible for those competing this weekend to drive.’
      • ‘When phoning in, be as graphic as humanly possible.’
      • ‘We certainly intend to find him and we are doing everything humanly possible to do that.’
      • ‘I think I knew what he was going to say, and I wanted to put it off as long as humanly possible.’
      • ‘Tough new rules are being pushed through as quickly as humanly possible so that investors can once again have faith in the accounting of American businesses.’
      • ‘He's famous for mixing together things that seem humanly impossible while keeping it sounding fluid, cool, funky and fun.’
      • ‘I would build a spare room, if such a thing were humanly feasible.’
      • ‘We'll do everything humanly possible to try to find her.’
      • ‘If you have confidence in yourself and in your abilities, nothing that is humanly possible is beyond you.’
      • ‘But, you do everything that's humanly possible to believe in them.’
      • ‘It's very difficult if not humanly impossible to do everything that the Secretary-General is required to do at present.’
      • ‘And yes, I know you're all thinking - it's not humanly possible for a person to spend that much time in the grocery store.’
      • ‘We have done everything humanly possible to ensure, first of all, that as many voters as can get to the polls go to the polls.’
      • ‘I have to go, just to see how that's humanly possible.’
      • ‘I feel duty bound to ensure that situation doesn't happen again as far as humanly possible.’
      • ‘Many of these works are crammed with details and it is humanly impossible to recreate them.’
      • ‘I can't give assurances, but we have done everything humanly possible to make sure it does not.’
      • ‘But we must now go to the European and world authorities as soon as humanly possible to get our disease-free status back.’
  • 2archaic With human feeling or kindness.

    • ‘And if there is somebody captured - and it looks like there may be - I expect those people to be treated humanly.’
    • ‘The staff have worked incredibly hard to look after them humanly and with care.’