Definition of humanitarianism in US English:



  • The promotion of human welfare.

    ‘a contribution made in the spirit of humanitarianism’
    • ‘This is the sort of humanitarianism that should be applauded, not punished.’
    • ‘If humanitarianism is your thing, there are many organizations that allow you to help people in cultures less fortunate than us.’
    • ‘Loan repayment assistance programs for alumni in public interest careers can help prevent the goals of practicing humanitarianism and maintaining financial stability from being mutually exclusive.’
    • ‘His capabilities and accomplishments in business, government, and humanitarianism are too numerous to mention.’
    • ‘Political and financial expediency has influenced the balance between humanitarianism and military necessity.’
    • ‘Perhaps we are seeing the flowering of a new humanitarianism around the globe, surely the best possible response to the recent events.’
    • ‘The region's need for his kind of world-embracing humanitarianism is starkly highlighted.’
    • ‘Although there are no official diplomatic ties between the two nations, humanitarianism transcends national boundaries.’
    • ‘By sustaining a thin strand of humanitarianism in Australia, they also provided a political framework for several generations of leaders.’
    • ‘His fame rose further in the nineteenth century when his humble birth, scientific skill, and humanitarianism won the admiration of a democratic age.’