Definition of hulking in US English:



  • (of a person or object) large, heavy, or clumsy.

    ‘a hulking young man’
    • ‘He is a hulking figure, the heaviest in the British squad at 92 kg, coached by Sean Kelly at Stockport Metro.’
    • ‘His hulking celebrity is no longer a novelty, and the governor is dogged everywhere he goes these days by the angry nurses, schoolteachers and firefighters whose budgets he has slashed.’
    • ‘At this her hulking son paused in his train of thought, taking the tea.’
    • ‘He was a hulking man, almost as tall as that other assassin that I had seen tonight.’
    • ‘A tall hulking teenager stared down at him and smirked.’
    • ‘He was hulking, unshaven, and shaking with lustful glee.’
    • ‘The thing is, none of these guys and the others who work out regularly are heavy, hulking guys lifting 300 pounds a pop.’
    • ‘They first had to go through the hangar-high hall with the crouching pterodactyl and its massive, hulking neighbour.’
    • ‘As she hurriedly bent down to retrieve her possessions, she looked up and into the glaring eyes of a huge, hulking man wearing the gold braid of a four star admiral on his dress blue Navy uniform.’
    • ‘But, let's face it, like that great hulking lad who was cluttering up the pavement rather than shaping up enough to get a job, they get horribly on your nerves.’
    • ‘He muttered something to him, and the hulking guard rose, beckoning to them.’
    • ‘It wasn't as though she'd been overly careless; it was just that she hadn't been expecting that great hulking moron to actually hit her across the face.’
    • ‘Just to be sure, I asked one of the people outside - a big hulking guy - ‘Is this the 730-9 History class?’’
    • ‘What's missing is an emotional point of entry - a way to feel something for the hulking man up on the screen and the people with whom he comes in contact.’
    • ‘‘I was interviewed by 20 hulking blokes crammed into a tiny room,’ she says.’
    • ‘You know, that game in which hulking athletes repeatedly smash small bouncy balls across a net so that their opponent can't possibly reach them let alone return them.’
    • ‘Who's this hulking guy who does the pile driver?’
    • ‘The handsome and hulking father is openly envied by his adolescent son, a chiseled but baby-faced youth who desires the muscles of manhood and the adult respect of his beloved old man.’
    • ‘In less than a minute, 50 hulking men have poured out from a blockhouse wearing camouflage, black berets and webbing, and clutching assault rifles.’
    • ‘Rae looked to his left and saw a large, hulking man standing behind the store's counter, grinning openly, revealing the man's lack of dental hygiene.’
    large, sizeable, of considerable size, substantial, considerable, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, mighty, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, epic, mountainous, megalithic, monstrous, brobdingnagian
    large, big, heavy, heavily built, well built, solidly built, powerfully built, sturdy, burly, brawny, hefty, strapping, bulky, weighty, massive, ponderous, overgrown
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