Definition of huitlacoche in US English:



  • A fungus that grows on corn, considered a delicacy in Mexico where cooks use it to flavor food.

    • ‘Soft-shell crab should be lighter, the flouring less mealy, but tamales, especially white corn with huitlacoche, have the right balance, inside and out.’
    • ‘Beneath is a stuffing-like blend of enlarged, earthy huitlacoche and grilled corn kernels rolled with cotilla, lime and ancho chile.’
    • ‘Add the huitlacoche and cook until tender, about one minute.’
    • ‘Then he says huitlacoche is corn fungus, not a nervous breakdown, sillies.’
    • ‘Last week I ate so many huitlacoche tacos in Condesa, I think it may be coming out my ears!’