Definition of huisache in English:



  • An acacia tree with violet-scented flowers that yield an essential oil used in perfumery, native to warm regions of America and cultivated elsewhere.

    • ‘Comanche Lookout Park hosts combinations of ashe juniper, Texas and Mexican buckeye, as well as chinaberry, graneno, Lindheimer hackberry, honey mesquite, huisache, and more.’
    • ‘Fort Clark Springs is Trans-Pecos brushland with a manicured golf course dominated by honey mesquite, huisache, and Acacia spp.’
    • ‘The range of the huisache doesn't extend much farther north than the champion at the Atascosa County Jail in southcentral Texas, but southward it's native all the way down to Chile.’
    • ‘But, not so apparent, the ground under the mesquites and huisaches was dry, and the underbrush was parched.’