Definition of Hudson's Bay blanket in US English:

Hudson's Bay blanket

(also Hudson Bay blanket)


  • A durable woolen blanket, typically with wide colored stripes.

    • ‘In addition as further evidence of my deep and abiding love of this country, I want to state for the record that I also own a Hudson's Bay blanket.’
    • ‘The striped Hudson's Bay blankets were made into capotes, coats of the same type that show up in numerous Russell paintings.’
    • ‘The tack room was a stall with a concrete floor, dusty high window, a refrigerator (into which Oren put medicines), and an army cot with a mattress, a couple Hudson Bay blankets, and pillow.’
    • ‘Canadian readers will recognize some comfy Hudson's Bay blankets.’
    • ‘Maybe even enter a free draw on some Hudson Bay blankets and a few car warmers.’


Late 19th century: originally sold by the Hudson's Bay Company and frequently used as material for coats.


Hudson's Bay blanket

/ˌhədsənz ˌbā ˈblaNGkət//ˌhədsənz ˌbeɪ ˈblæŋkət/