Definition of hubble-bubble in US English:



  • 1A hookah.

    • ‘Now the hubble-bubble pipes are being passed round, and al-Madfai changes direction yet again.’
    • ‘The local grocer, at whose shop Momma used to have a few quick pulls at the hubble-bubble now and then, was his chief counsellor.’
    • ‘It had been tapped that morning, said one, offering me a drag on his hubble-bubble and a handful of tart green apricots from a nearby bush.’
    • ‘You can also smoke an apple-flavoured tobacco in a hubble-bubble pipe if you have time.’
    • ‘And then we were offered hubble-bubble pipes!’
    • ‘A tea-house tucked under it is described curiously in my guidebook as a place, ‘to sit and drink tea or smoke the hubble-bubble, surrounded by slumbering Esfahan manhood.’’
    • ‘Wherever we went we were exhorted to join in family picnics, take tea or share hubble-bubble.’
    • ‘The tea-house was theoretically for men only, but women and men smoked the hubble-bubble together.’
    • ‘Here in Dubai the hotel is built like an exotic Arabian village, complete with a souk and outdoor cafes where you can sit and try a hubble-bubble pipe as you sip some very strong, sweet Turkish-style coffee.’
    • ‘Alternatively, take a seat at one of the open-air pavement cafés for a cool beer and perhaps try a nargileh, the hubble-bubble pipe so popular in this part of the world.’
    • ‘When that was finished he would take his hubble-bubble and puff away at that, until he was ready to go downstairs and play billiards, after which it was off to bed.’
    tobacco pipe, briar, briar pipe, meerschaum, clay pipe
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  • 2Confused talk.

    ‘the psychosexual hubble-bubble of the source material’


Mid 17th century: imitative repetition of bubble.