Definition of hryvna in US English:


(also hryvnia)


  • The basic monetary unit of Ukraine, equal to 100 kopiykas.

    • ‘Stadnyk gets a pension worth about 150 hryvnias a month while needing at least US $200 just to order a pair of shoes.’
    • ‘Now, you can take a guided tour for the low price of 10 hryvnias.’
    • ‘In one day, 16,000 transfers were made into the account, which eventually grew to 25 million hryvnas ($4.9 million.)’
    • ‘At the state-owned Oktyabrskaya coalmine on the edge of Donetsk city 1,500 miners labour in filthy, freezing and often dangerous conditions for 1,200 hryvna per month - about £160.’


From Ukrainian gryvnya ‘three-kopek coin’, from Old Russian grivina ‘necklace, ring, coin’.