Definition of housing start in English:

housing start


  • 1The beginning of construction of a new house.

    • ‘The figure may come in at 38,000, but that compares unfavourably to the 44,000 housing starts in 2000.’
    • ‘Out of the seven components making up the index, only housing start applications were up from the previous month.’
    • ‘These were orders for manufacturers, M1B money supply, housing start applications, stock prices and average monthly working hours in the manufacturing sector, the council said.’
    • ‘Pittsburgh's top planning official is encouraged by the number of housing starts in the city, which was higher than any other municipality in the county.’
    • ‘I remember when I was Mayor of Sligo, the then Minister for the Environment Padraig Flynn coming to meet Sligo Corporation in Sligo and announcing 26 housing starts.’
    • ‘Growth was fueled by housing starts, growing nonresidential construction, growth in home renovations and record low interest rates.’
    • ‘We will probably see the levels of existing home sales and single-family housing starts in 2005 become the second best levels ever, trailing only 2004.’
    • ‘In fact, over two thirds of new housing starts in Japan are custom designed and presold before construction has even begun.’
    • ‘In theory, supply should now be outstripping demand, with a record 700,000 new housing starts last year - more than the combined total of France, Germany and the Benelux countries.’
    • ‘With the recent pace of new-home sales running faster than that of housing starts, new home construction may yet have some potential for further gains in coming months.’
    1. 1.1 The number of new houses begun during a particular period, used as an indicator of economic conditions.
      • ‘When housing starts go up in Jacksonville, our business goes up,’ Forte said.’
      • ‘For very short lead times, the monthly Census figures on building permits accurately predict housing starts, which become construction put in place over the next several months.’
      • ‘New housing starts slowed at the beginning of this year, reflecting the slowdown in blueprint sales a few months earlier.’
      • ‘Here in Ashburn, 25 miles from Washington, it seems almost inconceivable that housing starts plummeted nearly 18 percent in March, the biggest drop in 14 years.’
      • ‘In July, retail sales, industrial production, and housing starts all bounced back from their poor June showings, and manufacturers' new orders posted another advance.’
      • ‘This is partly because of the way that housing starts - China's proxy for floor space under construction - are reported.’
      • ‘Consumer spending is showing surprising resilience, based on the sharp rebounds in April retail sales and housing starts, a factor that will boost future ordering of manufactured goods.’
      • ‘As of June 2002, total housing starts are off about 6.5% from their February 2002 high.’
      • ‘In just under eight years housing prices have shot up 150%, while housing starts last year exceeded 660,000-more than in Germany and France combined.’
      • ‘In July, housing starts beat expectations by rising 1.5%, to a 17-year high of 1.87 million, at an annual rate.’
      • ‘For comparison, 1991 saw housing starts at 1.01 million (1990 and 1992 were about 1.2 million).’