Definition of houseplant in US English:


(also house plant)


  • A plant which is grown indoors.

    • ‘Spathiphyllum is an ornamental house plant, botanically known as Spathiphyllum wallisii.’
    • ‘Bedding or wax begonias, heliotrope, impatiens, and Madagascar periwinkle can be moved indoors and grown as house plants over the winter.’
    • ‘An ideal location is with well growing house plants.’
    • ‘Please bring labelled seedlings, herbaceous plants, house plants and bunches of flowers, unwanted accessories and gardening books and magazines etc.’
    • ‘To keep the strawberry hoop house plants healthy and growing fast, Wells applies fertilizer in late April or early May.’
    • ‘Apply house plant fertilizer monthly to help the bulb ‘recharge itself ‘with energy for next year's bloom.’’
    • ‘Some of the orchids to be seen at Wisley are quite difficult to cultivate but others are easy to grow as house plants.’
    • ‘It is susceptible to a wide range of diseases and insect attack and this is probably the reason why it is not offered for sale as a house plant in UK garden centres.’
    • ‘Good foliage plants have particular relevance when grown indoors as house plants.’
    • ‘Many flowering house plants can be grown from bulbs.’
    • ‘Here, however, they are unlikely to survive the frosts although both impatiens and pelagoniums can be kept for next year in a heated greenhouse or brought indoors and used as house plants.’
    • ‘Fungi on house plants can cause an allergic reaction, but this is only likely to happen if the soil is disturbed.’
    • ‘She had a great love of gardening and her house plants were her speciality.’
    • ‘‘In simple terms, if you don't fertilize your house plant, it may not grow well and may change color,’ Schultz said.’
    • ‘What are the names of a couple of the best house plants for cleaning pollutants in the air?’
    • ‘Although they look exotic, Mr Stead said orchids were one of easiest house plants to grow.’
    • ‘This is one of the hardiest house plants known to man or woman, which should endear it at once to everyone who isn't green-fingered.’
    • ‘This situation intensifies in the winter when house plants are looking for good warm homes.’
    • ‘They have gained popularity over recent years, as they can be grown as a house plant as well as in the garden.’
    • ‘Our final stop-off was the Eden Project in Bodelva, where two huge biomes set into an old clay pit house plants, shrubs, trees and commodities from around the world.’