Definition of housemother in US English:



  • A woman in charge of and living in a boarding school dormitory or children's home.

    • ‘A housemother will be living on the premises and volunteers will soon join the staff as youth advisors.’
    • ‘Kellen has served as the fraternity's housemother since its re-establishment on campus in 1992.’
    • ‘On 1st October 1968, when she was 21 years old, the applicant commenced work as a housemother in a Community Home in Prestatyn.’
    • ‘And the housemother said quite graciously, ‘Well, Virginia, you have a choice.’’
    • ‘Despite the housemother's objections, plans for the revels continue.’
    • ‘Muttering under his breath, he joins the distinguished company of fellow resident Terrence and housemother Mrs. Wilkinson.’
    • ‘It was a joy to sit amid thirty or so girls and give a devotional talk as two of the housemothers translated my English into Tagalog.’
    • ‘In those days, the cottages now used for respite care for disabled children were run as individual homes where husband-and-wife teams, known as housefathers and housemothers, looked after abandoned or orphaned children.’
    • ‘Kate found the training school alienating, and her claims that her housemother disliked her were dismissed as irrational, possibly adding to her sense of injustice.’