Definition of housemaster in English:



  • A male teacher in charge of a dormitory at a boarding school.

    • ‘‘It never occurred to any of us at the school in that period that he was anything other than a conscientious, interested and sympathetic teacher and housemaster,’ he said.’
    • ‘It all began at Eton, where his father was a housemaster and where he was schooled.’
    • ‘According to a new biography, he narrowly escaped being expelled and, at 17, was beaten by his housemaster for flouting the rules.’
    • ‘The next circumstance is that they opted to stay on in The Oaks at their own expense for nearly a year after Mr Williams's employment as housemaster ceased.’
    • ‘His exuberance, gaiety and intelligence made him many friends and his irrepressible high spirits and disregard for authority sometimes strained the patience of his tolerant and long suffering housemaster.’
    • ‘I've done as little gardening as possible since I was a boy because my housemaster used to punish my transgressions by making me go and spend hours weeding his garden.’
    • ‘Humph was born in Eton College where his father was a famous housemaster, and where he was subsequently educated.’
    • ‘It was about the middle of that week that my housemaster caught up with me as we were leaving lunch, asking me to go to his office after the final class at 4pm.’
    • ‘From the age of 11 I went to Bedales boarding school in Hampshire, where I kicked against my housemaster rather than my father.’
    • ‘He is the school's third master, a housemaster and its head of Christian Theology.’
    • ‘This was a thrilling first taste of adult independence for us - mainly because we could now sneak out to the pub and back, without having to run the gamut of inquisitive housemasters along the way.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It was quite a shock for the housemaster and his young family.’’
    • ‘Two teachers, one of whom is Hawkins' housemaster, were struck down by the virus, as was one member of domestic staff.’
    • ‘A former housemaster has been jailed for eight years after two ex-pupils broke nearly two decades of silence about his ‘callous and despicable’ child abuse.’
    • ‘He alleged he did tell a second housemaster about the abuse, but nothing happened, so he kept silent for nearly 20 years.’
    • ‘Instead, he went into chemistry, left New Plymouth in 1946 and returned in 1952 to take up a post at his old school as housemaster and teacher.’
    • ‘The 12-year-old, from Faringdon Road in Swindon, had a hospital visit from his Commonweal School housemaster to present him with a certificate for earning 100 house points.’
    • ‘Richard's former housemaster, Sedbergh School's deputy head, described his former pupil as a ‘fantastically clever boy’ and the ‘best pupil of his generation’.’
    • ‘These efforts were rewarded with a position as junior housemaster and English teacher at Shore in 1940, leaving him then with his personal life to set in order.’
    • ‘He teaches biology and is housemaster of St Hugh's house.’